StoryBus Visit

Here are some photos from the StoryBus visit the other day.  The children had a wonderful time exploring the bus which was set up like a farm in the story of “The Little Red Hen”.  We read several versions of the story in class. The favorite was “The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza”!!



Fall Is Upon Us

What a wonderful time we had exploring pumpkins and and making pumpkin pie. Halloween was much better because the children were able to eat something that they helped to make. Cooking with your children is a wonderful opportunity for language and learning good conversations skills as well as math and science when measuring and mixing. The best part is spending quality time with your child.

Attached is the monthly newsletter (Under Newsletters).

Here is the link to sign up for conferences

We look forward to talking to you at conferences and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for 🙂

It’s a New Year!

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is ready to get back into the swing of school and a routine. We are looking forward to a year of fun and learning.

Our IB learner profile this month is CARING. As we get accustomed to school we will demonstrate how we caring by helping new friends, begin to take turns and create new friendships.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Bee and Pond Exploration

We have been busy little bees in Room 123. We made our own flower gardens and beehives as interest in how flowers grow blossomed. The students made their own bee puppets so they could pollinate the flowers. They learned how important the bees are to the planet. We got to look at a real wasps nest. We thought it was a bees nest but we learned what it was a wasps nest on our field trip. They also tasted honey which many of them liked!


We then went on our trip to the Emily Oaks Nature Center.  We learned about the woodlands and then explored the pond. We saw a frog, turtles and even fish! It was truly exciting. Since we have returned we have been creating our own ponds. We examined a real fish, have learned about the life cycle of the frog and are studying turtles as well. It has been a long and engaging process!

Moving Fast

It has been awhile since my last post. Time and school are moving fast. The vehicles and community helpers we have been focusing on are keeping the students very busy and engaged. They have been pretending to be doctors and now veterinarians in the “office”, they are driving a variety of trucks to put out fires, move blocks and create garages for them to rest and store their stuff. There has been a lot of movement and excitement.

We had a wonderful trip to the Chicago Children’s Museum where the children got to pretend to drive cars, buses and fire trucks. They worked in the grocery store, constructed buildings, went fishing, put out fires and were knights and princesses in a castle. They used their imaginations and took many risks by trying new things.

A parent meeting was held regarding Inquiry in the Primary Years Program.  I have attached the power point presentation for you to read if you were unable to attend.

Preschool Behind the Scenes Tour Spring 2017

Let me know if you have any questions!

Families and Holidays

It has been so wonderful learning about your families. It has helped us to get to know your child as well as get a glimpse of how they are and what goes on when they are not at school.  We are in the middle of creating their family books and we are very pleased with the results thus far. Because it is about them and relates to their every day lives, they have been truly taking their time and are thoughtful in their work.  We will likely continue with the book after the break.

img_4510  img_4512

We have one week left before the holiday break.  We will have pajama day on Friday December 23rd.  All children can come to school in their pajamas. They can bring their favorite stuffed animal and blankie if they’d like.  We will have hot chocolate, do crafts and read books.  It should be a perfect way to start the holidays!

We hope you have a very happy holiday and we look forward to more fun and learning in the new year!

Winter Break is from December 26 thru January 6th.  We will see you on Monday January 9th.

Fall Into Fall

Thank you to everyone for sending in your scavenger hunt items!  The children sorted them by item and color.  We compared the sizes and shapes of the pine cones, rocks and sticks. We examined the different shapes of the leaves as well as the beautiful colors they change into.  Exploring nature can be a wonderful and eye opening experience for all!

Below are trees we made after learning all about what the trees do for us.


Our Halloween celebration will take place on Monday, October 31st. Please do not send candy to pass out to friends.  Stickers, pencils, rings, etc. are better to pass. They will get plenty of candy when they Trick or Treat at night! The parade is in the afternoon so the morning class children are welcome to meet us on the track in back and walk with Ms. L and me.  More details will follow shortly.


September Recap

img_4447We had a wonderful first month of school.  The children have been very busy getting to know each other and have created themselves using found objects all as a part of our “All About Me” IB unit of study.  Many graphs were made to compare what we look like (eye color, hair color) and we found paper to match our skin color.  Many discussions were had about how we are alike and different.

October will be busy with many activities as we watch the Fall make changes in our environment.  We will be sending home a Fall Scavenger Hunt for you to go out and collect things from nature.  You may find many of these things at your nearest park or in your backyard.  Have fun exploring the neighborhood! Do not worry if you do not find something…it will be interesting to see the variety of things the children find.  There are many opportunities for new vocabulary.

Week Two

img_4440     We had a wonderful second week in room 123!  The children have begun to settle in and we are getting used to the routine and are acclimating to school.  We came up with our “Essential Agreements” (rules) for our classroom. The children came up with them based on what was happening in the classroom and how we can be safe and helpful while we are here.  We also read several of the “David” books by David Shannon.  He is a boy who likes to do things he is not supposed to.  The books gave us the language we needed to create our agreements. Above is a picture of the agreements.  Discuss them with your children and if use the same language at home, it will transfer to here at school and visa versa. The children signed their names to show they understood them and would help to carry them out in our classroom.  They were put to good use today!

Next week we will work on the first letter of our names and how many letters there are in each child’s name.  We have begun to make graphs which I will share when they are complete.  Similar letters will be found and the length of the names will be compared. Knowing your own name and other people’s names is a great way to get to know each other better!